31 - The World Encompassed

31 - The World Encompassed

22 July 2018 4:30 pm

Helmsley Arts Centre, YO62 5DW

31 - The World Encompassed

The World Encompassed

Paul Copley (actor)

Orlando Gough – The World Encompassed

When Francis Drake set sail from Plymouth on 15th November 1577, he took with him four viol players who almost certainly had no idea that they were about to embark on such an epic journey. They accompanied Drake’s private worship and entertained him while he ate; he also used their music to impress the natives with sounds ‘both pleasant and delightful’. Orlando Gough has created a journey in sound to honour the great mariner’s remarkable circumnavigation of the world. Music from the 16th century is woven seamlessly with the sounds of Drake’s many destinations - Javanese gamelan, Indian dances, a swaying samba and a hypnotic Berber ritual song: a panoply of music, new and old, familiar and strange.

‘a Brazilian samba is intercut with an English hornpipe. You really feel as if the girl from Ipanema is dancing with Jolly Jack Tar….I loved it. And how exciting to hear viols playing virtuosic new music after being consigned to the museum, literally and metaphorically, for centuries.’ – The Times

‘Brilliantly uncategorisable … craftsmanship that swells the heart. Sometimes it takes a voyage to distant lands to appreciate what you have back home.’ - Gramophone

Prices: Full £15.00,  Gold £12.00,  Silver £13.50,  Under 25 £7.50