34 - Coffee Concert and talk: Piano postcards from Italy

34 - Coffee Concert and talk: Piano postcards from Italy

25 July 2014 11:00 am

St Mary’s Priory Church, Old Malton 1

34 - Coffee Concert and talk: Piano postcards from Italy

Venice: Canal Scene with a Church by Louis Vivin

Joseph Houston (piano)

Liszt – Sposalizio (from Années de pèlerinage)
Nono – …sofferte onde serene... (...serene waves endured...)
Scarlatti – Sonatas (K.380, K.159, K.126, K.202, K.387)
Chopin – Barcarolle
Rossini – Hachis Romantique / Une caresse à ma femme / Petite Caprice in the style of Offenbach (from Péchés de vieillesse)

Joseph Houston’s recital celebrates Italy – birthplace of the piano. He opens with a piece Liszt wrote after discovering Raphael’s painting The Marriage of the Virgin before playing a moving and magical piece by Nono evoking the sights and sounds of Venice. He continues with Chopin’s famous Barcarolle and some sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti, one of the most absorbing and inventive of all Italian composers, before ending with some quick-witted and touching piano pieces by Rossini, from his late collection Sins of Old Age.

‘Sounds of different bells reach my home in the Giudecca in Venice, Venice, variously repeating, with various meanings, during the day and the night, through the fog and the sun. They are signals of life on the Laguna, on the sea…and life continues in the suffered and serene necessity of the ‘equilibrium of the profound interior’ as Kafka said…memories and presences superimposing on each other, merging with the ‘serene waves’ (onde serene)’Luigi Nono, on … sofferte onde serene…

Coffee/tea/soft drinks and biscuits served from 10am - 10.45am.

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